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Historical notes

The Motel restaurant, founded in 1961 by Josep Mercader, became almost since its inception in a reference of Catalan cuisine. Often described as "sanctuary of Catalan cuisine" or, as written by the renowned American critic Colman Andrews, the "birthplace of modern Catalan cuisine" Motel Restaurant was the most precious of the writer Josep Pla, author of "What we have eaten ". It is no coincidence that so legendary avant-garde cuisine as El Bulli and El Celler de Can Roca restaurants have incorporated into their menus conceived as a tribute to the kitchen of the Motel. Josep Mercader promoted a kitchen with great innovations and contributions based on the grounds of tradition of country kitchen, betting always for cooking and product proximity. His untimely death in 1979 cut short the project not Motel thanks to the work of his son, Jaume Subirós, which has managed to maintain and adapt the founding principles of the house to the new times. With fifty years of experience, the cuisine of Motel remains true to its principles, committed as ever to the tradition and innovation from the product quality.


If words They are good to share experiences, images have an undeniable evocative power. This is a graphical history Motel since 1940, when Josep Mercader was an apprentice, until today, in which Jaume Subirós guide the establishment brilliantly.

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